Specialists in Torchbearer


Any character that meets the minimum qualifications to train as a specialist may add +2 to their lifestyle cost in Town to train in that specialty. When a specialist earns rewards, they should be placed in either their character class (as normal) or in their specialty. When your speciality rewards meet the level requirements for the next level, gain that benefit.

Specialist benefits must be acquired in order and cannot exceed your character class’ level. If you want to change specialties, erase all your rewards in your current speciality start over at 0—you retain your existing benefits. If a specialist benefit duplicates a class benefit you already possess, you may choose which version to keep.

If you lose your qualifications (for example, you re-write a wise necessary to the specialist class) you can no longer train in that speciality but you retain your benefits.

Note that some specialties list benefits described in the following Torchbearer Sagas supplements:

Use at your own risk! Highly not play-tested or approved! I'm giving these away for free but if you want to throw a few silver coins my way, go to town. I have pack space!

Help with Cash Dice

1. The AntiquarianYou collect objects from the past and yearn to discover their histories.

2. The ArcherYou’re accomplished with the bow and seek to perfect your technique.

3. The Beastmaster: You’ve trained animals and view some beasts as your friends or companions.

4. The Duelist: You strive to master the art of sword fighting or pass your knowledge to others.

5. The ExplorerYou seek to find hidden places and will travel across land and sea to discover them.

6. The Harrier: You are trained with light weapons and excel in defensive and hit-and-run tactics.

7. The Knight: You are a chivalrous defender of the realm, trained in the arts of riding and jousting.

8. The NinjaYou are skilled in the shadow arts of espionage, assassination and explosives.

9. The Occultist: You’ve peeled back the skin of reality, exposing the terrifying truth that lies beneath.

10. The PerformerYou have experience as a storyteller, musician or juggler and all the world’s a stage.

11. The PoisonerYou’ve dabbled in the sinister world of toxins and poisons.

12. The Samurai: You follow a strict code of honor and martial excellence with the bow.

13. The SeafarerYou’re a fisher or sailor and are well-acquainted with life at sea.