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Over the years I've worked for many amazing companies, both large and small, freelancer and full-time. You can see some professional narrative design and copywriting samples on my writing credits page.

Digital Games

Social/Mobile Games

Computer Roleplaying Games

Children's Computer Games

Virtual Life Games

Simulation/Strategy Games

First- and Third-Person Shooters/

Web Content/Online Experiences

  • The VHS Title Generator (2016)

  • Plyfe Sweepstakes (2012)

  • Plyfe Contests (2013)

  • Plyfe Interactive Cards (2014-2015)

  • Plyfe Builder Tool (2014)

  • Bella Sara (2009)

Awards, Honors and Recognition

  • 2017 GenCon 50 (Indianapolis);
    Featured Presenter

  • 2016 Cambridge Science Week;
    presenter at Boston Museum of Science

  • 2013 InSpectres (film);
    "Created by" production credit

  • 2011 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming; nominee (FreeMarket)

  • 2011 Fastaval (Silkeborg, Denmark);
    Guest of Honor

  • 2010 Indie RPG Awards;
    "Best Production" (FreeMarket)

  • 2007 Dragonmeet (London); Guest of Honor

  • 2006 Indie RPG Awards;
    "Most Innovative Game" (Lacuna Part I)

  • 2005 GenCon (Indianapolis);
    Member of the "Industry Insider Academy"

  • 2004 MIT's Storytelling in the Digital Age;
    1st prize (Fiendish)

  • 2002 Out of the Box Awards;
    "Best sui generis Game" (octaNe)

  • 2002 Indie RPG Awards; "Human of the Year" and "Game of the Year" (InSpectres) finalist



Analog Games

Torchbearer and Torchbearer Sagas

Parsely Games

Sorencrane MRCZ

Self-published RPGs and supplements

Darkpages: Sketchbook (2008)

SCHISM (2001)

Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City

octaNe: premium uNleaded (2002)

InSpectres (2002)


Articles and Essays

24-Hour RPGs and Short-form RPGs