Torchbearer Sagas

Torchbearer Sagas: Denizens of the Dark (PDF)


Zombies, witches, werewolves, robots, vampires, aliens and goblins rule the night in this Halloween-inspired supplement for the Torchbearer roleplaying game. Includes seven new classes (levels 1-10), the new Enchanter skill with rules for wands, rods and staffs, new Alchemical devices, vampire antagonists, magical familiars and BEES!

Happy Halloween!

Denizens of the Dark written by Jared A. Sorensen. 

B&W illustrations by Todd James

30 pages

Version: tb_dotd_r5_2017-3-13 (new cover, again!)

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The Denizens of the Dark

  • The Death Knight: undead warriors seeking vengeance
  • The Servitor: mighty mechanical marvels!
  • The Shaman: goblins who wreak havoc with both curses and explosives
  • The Skin-changer: savage, shapeshifting hunters from the deepest wilds
  • The Spy: dopplegängers who survive through impersonation and trickery
  • The Vampire Hunter: cursed to live the half-life of the dhampir
  • The Witch: wise women with the power to heal or harm