Torchbearer Sagas

Torchbearer Sagas: Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles (PDF)


A dozen strange heroes from distant lands, weird cultures and unfortunate origins for the Torchbearer roleplaying game. Include 12 new classes (levels 1-10), new gear, new weapons and armor, new spells, new locations and two additional bonus character classes!

Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles written by Jared A. Sorensen. 

Illustrated by "Calamity" Jon Morris. 

Version: TB_WOE_r4_4-25-2015

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The Wanderers

  • The Assassin: mystic killers and cultists
  • The Barbarian: savage warriors from savage lands
  • The Bard: half-elven vagabonds armed with sharp swords and sharper wits 
  • The Druid: bloodthirsty worshippers of the Old Gods
  • The Monk: holy men and women perfecting both mind and body
  • The Strider: masters of wilderness survival and expert trackers

The Outcasts

  • The Dark Elf Sorcerer: a banished tribe hungering for power and vengeance
  • The Gnome Illusionist: a small, industrious folk prone to mischief
  • The Half-Orc Pirate: fierce raiders and swashbuckling scoundrels
  • The Minotaur Pit Fighter: gentle giants seeking a sense of purpose
  • The Roden Guide: feral creatures who will lead you into the dark...for a price
  • The Sea Elf Mariner: elven sailors and sirens from the Far Shores

The Exiles

  • The Dwarf Oathbreaker: dishonored and clanless, she endures
  • The Halfling Thain: lost and ruined, he searches far and wide for redemption