Specialists / The Seafarer

Prerequisites: Sailor 4 required. You must have at least six skill points divided between Navigator and any seafaring trade skill (e.g. Cook, Carpenter). You must have a wise related to the sea or sailing.

Level 1

Deck Hand: Your hands are rough from scrubbing decks, mending sails and splicing ropes. Take an advance in Laborer and Weaver.

Level 2

Seafarer: See the Sea Elf Mariner level 2 benefit (WOE).

Level 3

Stone Soup: No matter what you throw into the stewpot the results are always tasty and filling. When using the Cook skill, add +1D for every different edible item  you use as supplies.

Level 4

First Mate: See the Half-Orc Pirate level 5 benefit (WOE).

Level 5

Sea Dog: See the Half-Orc Pirate level 6 benefit (WOE).

Level 6

Bandolier: You may carry two swords, daggers or hand axes using only one belt or torso slot.

Level 7

Invigorated: Your Health ability is capped at 7.

Level 8

Bosun: See the Half-Orc Pirate level 8 benefit (WOE).

Level 9

Heroic Ability: When aboard a ship or boat, your Sailor and Fighter tests succeed on rolls of 3-6.

Level 10

Old Salt: While at sea, foul weather factors may not raise your obstacle more than  +1.