octaNe: premium uNleaded (PDF)


octaNe is the psychotronic game of post-apocalyptic, trash-culture America!

What is "psychotronic?" Well, it's mutants, monkeys, masked wrestlers, loud cars, fast women and rock guitars. In short, everything good in life...and you can drive as fast as you want.

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octaNe blends high adventure, sci-fi weirdness and a rock n' roll attitude to create one of the strangest RPG's in existence.


  • Rules that let the players control the action
  • Over 40 bizarro character Roles (with rules that allow you to create your own!)
  • Four different play modes, from gritty Westerns to B-movie extravaganzas
  • Tips and tricks on running the game
  • Tasty nuggets describing the wild world of octaNe

2002 Out of the Box Award Winner for "Best Sui Generis RPG."

B&W, 116 digest-sized pages

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