Specialists / The Poisoner

Prerequisites: Alchemist 4 required. You must have  at least six skill points divided between Healer and Scavenger. You must have a wise related to poisons, alchemy or herbalism. You cannot follow Law.

Level 1

Cultured: You have some prior training as a brewer, mushroom grower, cheesemaker or natural philosopher. Take one advance in both Cook and Scholar.

Level 2

Forager: You can identify toxic substances like barks, leaves and mushrooms in the wild and navigate the deadly from the delicious. You may not be made hungry or thirsty or sick after failing a Scavenger test to find clean water or food. Do not mark a lesser condition.

Level 3

Secret Compartment: You may conceal a dose of poison inside a ring, pendant or dagger pommel.

Level 4

Hardy Stock: Constant exposure gave you a degree of tolerance. Add +1D to recover from the sick condition or any tests to resist poison.

Level 5

Naturalist: Gain +1D to any test relating to toxic creatures, plants, mushrooms or minerals.

Level 6

Poison is the Cure: You’re adept at crafting both poisons and their antidotes. Add +2D to Alchemist or Healer when creating these potions and +1D to the appropriate action type when using them in fight conflicts.

Level 7

Cold-Blooded: When you enter a Kill conflict and you are neither angry nor afraid, gain +1D to all tests for the duration of the encounter.

Level 8

Ghoul’s Touch: Your knowledge of anatomy and toxins enables you to create the Ghoul’s Touch: a paralytic agent that affects living creatures. The potency of Ghoul’s Touch is determined by the Alchemist obstacle, minimum 2. When used, test its potency vs. the target’s health (or humanoid monster’s Nature). The potency of Ghoul’s Touch suffers -1s for each rank by which the target’s Might exceeds that of the poison. If Ghoul’s Touch is effective, the target may not move or speak for one turn plus the margin of success. If a conflict is imminent, the poison must be administered before the target rolls for disposition. Once disposition is rolled, Ghoul’s Touch may be not be used until the conflict ends.

Scorpion’s Blood: You know a recipe that neutralizes poisons. Make an Alchemist test with the obstacle being the potency of the potion. When imbibed, the potion increases your resistance to all toxins, venoms and diseases, giving you +1D to Health checks per point of potency. This effect lasts until the next phase. This bonus stacks with the Hardy Stock benefit.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: Alchemist and Healer tests involving poisons now succeed on rolls of 3-6.

Level 10

Envenomed: Poison courses through your veins. Living creatures that come into contact with your bare skin or blood must make a Health or Nature test (ob 3) or become Sick. Your bare hands add +1s to successful Attack and Feint actions. Wearing gloves negates this effect and prevents the poison from being transmitted. You are immune to all poisons and diseases. You may no longer become Sick as the result of a failed test.