Specialists / The Performer

Prerequisites: Orator 4. You must possess at least six points divided between Manipulator and Persuader. You need a wise related to performance or athletics.

Level 1

Life on the Road: You’ve spent time traveling with a troupe. Take one advance in Pathfinder and Rider.

Level 2

Silver-Tongued: Add +1D when making any test with the social grace you chose at character creation.

Level 3

Knife Tricks: You can throw knives and hand axes with speed and accuracy and juggle any item you can hold with one hand. When you throw daggers or hand axes, gain +1D to Attack or Feint actions (choose at start of conflict).

Level 4

Daredevil: Fear sharpens your senses. If afraid, gain +1D when risking your own safety to perform a dangerous stunt or task. This benefit may not be used during fight conflicts.

Level 5

Guilder: The performer’s guild decides to make you an honorary member. While in town you may petition the guild to perform without incurring additional lifestyle cost. You may use their facilities, look for work or hire an apprentice. Provided you’re a member in good standing, this benefit is permanent.

Level 6

Acrobat: The performer is quick, limber and agile. Gains +2D when leaping, balancing, climbing, running across hazardous terrain or contorting to slip from bonds or squeeze into small spaces.

Level 7

Raconteur: Your manner of speech is colorful, your timing impeccable and your stories spellbinding. Add +2D to Boasting nature tests, add +2D to Orator and Manipulator (Lying) tests.

Level 8

Friend of the Powerful: Artists have a knack for charming the powerful. Upon meeting a potentate, if you put on charming or respectful airs, you may note the NPC as a friend on your character sheet. No roll or test is required. This may be done in any phase and does not cost a turn or check.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: Tests to perform incredible feats of derring-do outside of conflicts succeed on rolls of 3-6.

Level 10

Fame: Your name and face are so well-known throughout the land that you may use your hometown advantage in all civilized places with regards to lodging and both resources and Circles tests.