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Z-Ward (PDF)


Parsely #7: Z-Ward is the seventh and most gruesome game in the Parsely series. “You stand outside the mental hospital where your sister was admitted nine weeks ago…“

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Z-Ward takes place in a mental institution where your sister was several months ago. She seems to be in trouble...but is it all in her head?

Parsely games are inspired by Ye Olde Text Parsers from days of yore, but substituting a live human for the computer parser. Parsely games are small, portable and fun for (almost) all occasions.

• Play them anywhere! On trips, in long lines, camping, at game cons…
• Play them with anyone! Young or old, expert or total n00b
• Play with a few friends or 100 random strangers at the same time

Z-Ward comes with a map and game guide.

It’s recommended (but not necessary) to also have Parsely #1: Action Castle to play. Also available: Z-Ward-X, the Z-Ward expansion that adds a third terrifying floor to the hospital.

Genre: Survival Horror

Difficulty Level: Experienced to Advanced

“Very rarely do new game concepts come along which impress me, but this one stands out as being something truly revolutionary. And yet, like many of the most brilliant ideas, it’s so fiendishly simply that you say, ‘Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?’” - Andrew Looney, designer of Fluxx