Specialists / The Occultist

Prerequisites: Theologian 4 required. You must have at least six points divided between Lore Master and Scholar. You need a wise related to demons, spirits or otherworldly creatures.

Level 1

Cantor: You have experience conducting ceremonies. Take one advance in both Orator and Ritualist.

Level 2

Librarian: You may make a Scholar test during the town phase without raising your lifestyle obstacle.

Level 3

Meditation: See the level 3 Monk benefit, “Mantra” (WOE).

Level 4

Fearless: Your forays into the unknown have bolstered your courage. You cannot be made afraid during conflicts or tests involving spirits or demonic forces.

Level 5

Insanity: Your encounters with the Unknown have cracked your mask of sanity. You now follow Chaos and become permanently angry. Your Will is now capped at 7. You may use your class trait when angry.

Obsession: You have an obsession which you may use as a second Instinct. Following your obsession gives you a free test but leaves you exhausted. If already exhausted, you become sick. If you already possess the sick condition, you will die upon completing the test. Your obsession cannot earn Fate points.

Level 6

Ancient Artifact: When you next loot a place or creature you’ll find an occult artifact destined for your hands. Choose one: the All-Seeing Eye (a necklace that allows you to make Scout tests without leaving your present location), a demon skin-bound tome (a traveling spell book that holds up to 10 slots worth of spells) or a crimson cloak (treat as leather armor, may be used in addition to any armor may wear).

Dark Paen: Choose any Chaos prayer of 1st or 2nd circle. Expend a spell or prayer slot to invoke it.

Level 7

Exorcist: See the level 8 Monk benefit (WOE).

Demonic Servitor: See the level 7 Dark Elf Sorcerer benefit (WOE).

Level 8

Elder Sign: By inscribing an item with the Elder Sign (an ob 2 Ritualist test),  your Might increases by +1 against spirits and demons. Only occultists may make use of the Elder Sign and its effects do not stack.

Theurgy: You may use the Thread of Friendship spell to bind powerful spirits and demons of Might 6+.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: When dealing with otherworldly creatures, your skills now succeed on a roll of 3-6.

Level 10

Plane Walker: You may travel to another dimension once per phase. While in this other dimension, you do not suffer from the Grind. You must return to the material plane by the end of the phase lest you be trapped forever.