Specialists / The Ninja

Prerequisites: Scout 4 required. You must have at least six skill points divided between Fighter and Alchemist. You must possess a wise related to weaponry, alchemy or stealth. You cannot follow Law.

Level 1

Shadow Arts: You are trained in espionage. Take one advance in both Criminal and Manipulation.

Level 2

Martial Arts: When fighting unarmed, you may choose to break a tie in your favor.

Surprise Attack: See the level 2 Assassin benefit (WOE).

Level 3

Cloak of Shadows: See the level 3 Assassin benefit (WOE).

Level 4

Hide In Shadows: See the level 4 Assassin benefit (WOE).

Level 5

Weapons Master: Any foreign weapon or implement (e.g. rake, sickle, chain, hammer, etc.) becomes a deadly weapon in your hands. The implement gains the bonuses of a similar weapon (spear, axe, flail, mace, etc.).

Level 6

Deadly Tricks: See the level 6 Assassin benefit (WOE).

Level 7

Food Pills: An ob 1 Cook test turns two preserved rations into a food pill that can remove the hungry and thirsty condition and insulate you from gaining one future hungry and thirsty condition. Food pills are pack 1 (4) items.

Level 8

Hide in Plain Sight: The ninja can vanish at will. At the cost of a turn but no roll you may conceal yourself in darkness or vanish in a puff of smoke (using an alchemical device) or disguise yourself as a harmless traveler, beggar or merchant. Only magical abilities may uncover your presence or true identity. This ability may not be used to conceal or disguise anyone else in your party.

Level 9

Shadow Master: Suffer no penalty for dim light, and only -1s in darkness. You can act in darkness normally provided your opponent is in light or dim light.

Level 10

Kuji-kiri: Your ninja skills are legendary. You may only be killed by another ninja or an opponent with higher Might. If you gain the dead condition from a lesser being, take all other conditions and ignore the dead condition.