Specialists / The Knight

Prerequisites: Rider 4 required. You must have at least six points divided between Hunter and Fighter and either a nobility-related wise or a deed/title. You cannot remain unaffiliated—choose Law or Chaos.

Level 1

Gentry: You’ve studied tactics and logistics. Take one advance in both Commander and Steward.

Level 2

Armored: You’ve trained in heavy armor. Wearing armor and carrying a shield does not cause fatigue

Level 3

Stubborn: You’re always last out of a fight. If your hit points are depleted to zero, instead reduce them to 1 and deduct the remainder of the damage from another player (or players) of your choice.

Level 4

Honor: If angry and having offended or suffered an offense, you may invoke Honor. Honor gives a free turn (or check) to the knight to make amends, challenge, berate, clout or intimidate the offended/offender. You cannot be helped unless your companions have appropriate Instincts. If Honor is invoked and you get satisfaction, next time you hit camp or town, immediately test to recover angry. No check is required. If you follow Law and dishonor yourself, you may replace this benefit with Greed. If you follow Chaos, you may choose Honor or Greed.

Level 5

Squire: Your squire grants +1D to your Armorer, Cook, Fighter, Hunter, Healer and Laborer tests. In a conflict, assign one of your hit points to your squire. If there are no extra points, your squire can’t help.

Level 6

War Horse: You gain an armored warhorse. The horse is Nature 7 with the descriptor Charging. It also has Steel Hooves (+1s Attack) which can be equipped as a weapon in kill, capture and drive off conflicts. It may be equipped with plate barding (as plate, ob to purchase is +1) but may not carry equipment. If the warhorse is killed or lost, you must quest for another.

Level 7

War Captain: You always count as the “hero” weapon in a battle, regardless of whether you’re at the front or not. If leading from the front, you triple your hero bonus to +3s for Attacks.

Level 8

Champion: When fighting from a mounted position, double the benefits from using a lance or shield (choose one). Gain +1s when using one of the following weapons: sword, mace, hand axe, flail or shield.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: Rider tests and Fighter tests while mounted now succeed on a roll of 3-6.

Level 10

Grail Quest: You may quest for the Grail. Drinking from this magical cup removes all conditions and grants the fresh condition permanently. Only those pure of heart may drink from the Grail. To those who are unworthy, its water brings death instead of life. The Grail cannot leave its place of refuge.