Specialists / The Harrier

Prerequisites: Fighter 4 required. You must have at least six points divided between Laborer and Scout and any wise related to military life.

Level 1

Combat Drills: Add shields, slings, hand axes, spears and daggers to your weapon list. If you are familiar with these weapons, take an advance in either Fighter or Health.

Level 2

Armored: You’ve trained in heavy armor. Wearing armor does not count as a factor for recovery from exhausted if you choose this level benefit.

Slinger: If you go into a fight or battle conflict with light armor or no armor, gain +1D to Maneuver.

Level 3

Skirmisher: Improved leather armor. When you’re wearing leather armor, roll 2d6 to deflect a blow.

Forced March: Gain +1D to recover from Exhaustion.

Level 4

Swift of Arm: You may carry a throwing weapon in your off hand and declare that as your weapon when actions are revealed.

Level 5

Phalanx: When armed with spear and shield, your help adds +2D to either Attack or Defend. Anyone who also helps with a spear adds +2D to Attack. Anyone who also helps with a shield adds +2D Defend.

Level 6

Shieldbearer: A level 1 warrior wishes to serve your cause and carry your shield into battle. Add +2D to Defend or +1D to any other action if your shieldbearer is helping. In a conflict, assign one of your hit points to your shieldbearer. If there are no extra hit points, then your shieldbearer can’t help. This young warrior never acts on his own.

Level 7

Focus: +1s when using a throwing weapon in fight and battle. Bonus is applied to tied or successful rolls. It is added in addition to other bonuses from weapons, spells, armor, etc.

Level 8

Double Throw: If equipped with two throwing weapons you may hurl them both during an action. Make a single Fighter test to throw both weapons and reroll any 1s. Throwing both your weapons means you are disarmed until the next round.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: When armed with a spear and shield or when throwing a weapon, count a roll of 3-6 as a success.

Level 10

Armed & Dangerous: When entering any fight, battle or convince conflict, gain +1 disposition for each spear, javelin or throwing axe you carry in hand (maximum +4).