Specialists / The Explorer

Prerequisites: Cartographer 4 required. You need at least six skill points divided between Pathfinder and Dungeoneer or Pathfinder and Sailor. You must have a wise related to trailblazing, caving or seafaring.

Level 1

Horse Sense: You’re familiar with beasts of burden. Take one advance in both Peasant and Rider.

Level 2

Pack Rat: See the Roden Guide level 2 benefit (WOE).

Level 3

Baker’s Dozen: You’re an excellent customer and always get a deal when purchasing items in bulk like food, light sources and equipment. Whenever you purchase gear that’s listed with an amount in parentheses, gain an extra item. For example: you can buy Torches (5) or Sack, small (3).

Level 4

Expert Guide: You’re able to use your knowledge and experience to assist others in their expeditions. Choose one: your help adds +2D to Dungeoneer and Scout tests when underground, +2D to Pathfinder and Scout tests when in the wild or +2D to Sailor and Navigator tests at sea.

Level 5

Camping: You have a knack for finding safe places to rest. Add +1 to the Camp Events table for one of the following locations: underground camps, wilderness camps or at sea camps.

Level 6

Stowage: You know how to secure your gear with cordage, giving you that much more space. Increase backpack inventory slots by two. Ignore camp events or twists where gear is lost from your pack.

Level 7

Pack Mule: You are accustomed to carrying gear without breaking a sweat. Wearing a backpack is no longer a factor when making Fighter/Dungeoneer tests. Carrying a full large sack no longer counts as a factor to recover from exhaustion.

Level 8

Direction Sense: See the Roden Guide level 8 benefit (WOE).

Level 9

Heroic Ability: Choose a favored terrain (underground, in the wild or at sea). When navigating, scouting or living rough in this terrain your skills now succeed on rolls of 3-6.

Level 10

Rumor of Paradise: Your research uncovers a new continent, uncharted island or archipelago. This new world is lush, abundant and inhabited by friendly natives. If you can get there, you may lay claim to it.

Rumor of Riches: The next dungeon you explore will contain a vault containing great riches and magical artifacts. If you find it, roll 2d6 times on Loot table 2. Beware: this vault may be secret or well-guarded!