Specialists / The Duelist

Prerequisites: Fighter 4 required. You need at least six points divided between Armorer and Mentor. You must have a wise related to swordplay.

Level 1

Sword Training: You are able to wield swords, including two-handed swords and rapiers. If you are already familiar with swordplay, take one advance in either Fighter or Mentor.

Level 2

Sword Proficiency: When wielding a sword with any off-hand weapon, your sword grants you +1D to two action types (Attack and Defend, Feint and Maneuver, etc.). The bonuses stick to those action types for the remainder of the conflict. If wielding a one-handed sword that may be wielded with two hands (i.e. a bastard sword or a katana), you gain +2D to one Attack action per round.

Level 3

Half-sword: You may wield two-handed swords or bastard swords as polearms (+1D to Feint/Defend).

Swashbuckler: When wielding a buckler in your off hand, you gain +1D to Defend with your primary weapon. A buckler is a small shield only grants +1D Defend but does not cause fatigue.

Level 4

Sword Expertise: When wielding a sword and an off-hand weapon, you may declare a two weapon Attack or Maneuver (-1D, +1s) when you declare your action.

Versatility: When wielding a katana or bastard sword with both hands, you may opt to change your weapon’s action bonus each round during the conflict. Normally, your bonus sticks to one action throughout the conflict.

Level 5

Agile: When you help another player in fights or in battle, your help grants +2D instead of +1D.

Level 6

Sword Mastery: When wielding a sword and any off-hand weapon, gain +2D to Defend, Feint or Maneuver or gain +1s to Attack. The bonus sticks to that action type for the remainder of the conflict.

Fast Draw: If your first action with a sheathed sword is Attack-Attack, you may roll first. If you take out your opponent, they don’t get to make an Attack test. But if you fail to take them out of the fight with one blow, they may take their Attack action as normal.

Level 7

Duelist: When using a sword to Maneuver against an opponent armed with a melee weapon, you gain a free disarm if the action is successful.                 

Level 8

Riposte: When announcing actions in a fight, replace a planned Defend with a sword with a Feint at -1D.

Parry: When announcing actions in a fight, replace a planned Feint with a sword with a Defend at -1D.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: When fighting with a sword, crafting/repairing swords or instructing others in swordplay, your skill now succeeds on a roll of 3-6.

Level 10

Flash of the Blade: You may only be killed in a duel. If you would gain the dead condition outside of dueling, gain all other conditions instead. If challenged to a duel or called out by a single opponent during a fight or battle, you must accept the challenge or lose this benefit permanently.