Dungeons and Dragons Online's narrative design and dialogue. Working on the city of Stormreach, its dungeons and wilderness areas and its various quests and raids gave me a great opportunity to create dozens of NPCs and names monsters, as well as to script all their interactions and dialogue. I designed the look and feel of DDO's loading screens and dungeon maps, wrote copy for the load screens and created the names and descriptions for over 100 items, artifacts and weapons.

Bond, Inc.

Bond is a company that uses robotic technology to send handwritten notes. I write FAQs and website copy, product update emails, campaigns and taglines, customer service emails, advertising copy for in-store displays and social media, app content, B2B one-pagers and decks, handwritten note samples, customer outreach, content style guides and job postings.

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Social media, Valentine's Day

Social media, Valentine's Day

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Brand tagline: "Handwritten notes made easy"

Brand tagline: "Handwritten notes made easy"

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Above the fold image for Re: the People, a post-election correspondence campaign powered by Bond

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Social media Re: the People

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