InSpectres OST

InSpectres: The Movie Original Soundtrack by Chris Lott

In a world where ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are a common place, the InSpectres are the only exterminators capable of eliminating these supernatural nuisances! After a run in with a zombie, Lucas joins the InSpectres as an agent in training. He, his mentor Tracey, and company embark on eerily funny adventure aimed at re-capturing entities freed from a government holding facility by a corporate saboteur. They encounter a variety of released oddities on their path to identifying the saboteur: an invisible Hollywood fan-boy, a party animal wolf-man, and a group of German gremlins who fix 8-Bit arcade machines. The motley crew tracks the culprit across the country to prevent Armageddon. In the end, the Inspectres' heart and persistence prove exactly why they are the ones who "...fight the forces of darkness so you don't have to!"


released 07 October 2014 

Torchbearer: Halfling Thain

It's not all cooking and riddles and lurking around in the shadows. The thain is the military leader of the halflings and is a well-respected figure in the community. But what happens when you fail your duty and your village is torn apart by marauding monsters?

Raw abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; neither stat may have a rating lower than 3 or higher than 5.

Skills: Fighter 3, Cartographer 2, Commander 2, Sailor 2, Scout 2, Steward 2

Trait: Hidden Depths or Grandiose—As a Thain, you’re the most military-minded of a mild and gentle people. In times of trouble, you’re expected to take charge and protect your shire from danger. This kind of responsibility can go to a little fellow’s head; your courage, if perhaps not your wisdom, knows no bounds.

Weapons: Any weapon except the crossbow, two- handed sword, halberd, polearm and lance.

Armor: Leather, chainmail, helmet and shield.

Level benefits

Note: Descriptions of the level benefits may are found under human warrior and halfling burglar.

Level 1: Halflings may wield any weapon except two-handed swords, halberds, polearms, crossbows and lances. They may wear leather and chainmail armor. They can also use shields and wear helmets.

Level 2: Choose either Stone Thrower or Abstemious

Level 3: Choose either Stubborn or Skirmisher

Level 4: Choose either Cool-headed or Plucky

Level 5: Choose either Companion or Helpful

#Torchbearer Sagas...At Sea

A quick preview of some of my "At Sea" rules for #Torchbearer Sagas: Outcasts. Very useful for sailors and for characters like the half-orc pirate and sea elf mariner.

New Town: At Sea

Avast, me hearties. You've set sail for fame, fortune and glory but now you're looking at a week under the blazing sun, the salt sea and the cries of gulls. Pull your weight, boyo, or you'll be stripped to the waist, tied to a yardarm and lashed with a cat o' nine tails!

Available Locations At Sea

Tavern (anywhere there’s a cask of rum and a sea shanty)
Street (on the deck, napping under the stars—do not roll on the Streets Events Table)

Stables (belowdecks in the cargo hold, with the rats)
Flophouse (bunking with the crew)
Hotel (ah, the Captain's Quarters!)

Alignment: Unaffiliated (Merchant ship), Law (Naval ship), Chaos (Pirate ship)

New Home: At Sea

You were raised aboard a ship and know life at sea better than the back of yer own hand.

Skills: Pathfinder, Carpenter, Sailor

Traits: Sea Legs, Scarred

Sea Camp Events

Use these events when At Sea.

Disaster At Sea

1 - Typhoon winds and hail the size of sling shot. Take cover!

2 - You run aground on an uncharted sand bar. Spend all night getting free.

3 - Pitching waves present problems. Sail on and hope for the best; else all characters make a Health test (ob3) or become Sick before camp

4 - Smell of rotting fish and seaweed is everywhere. Disgusting.

5 - Leviathan prowls these waters, thrice the length of your ship. You must leave here.

6 - Sea monsters, winged creatures or raiders attack!

Minor Inconvenience At Sea

1 - Water barrels fouled. You may not refill your skins.

2 - Lost at sea (Sailor or Cartographer roll required to get back on track).

3-4 - Mice or other vermin crawl all over your ship and spoil food for one character.

5 - All of this open space gets to you, there’s nowhere to hide (increase recovery obstacles for angry and afraid by one for one character).

6 - Someone breaks a piece of gear (roll randomly for character and equipment).

Minor Break At Sea

1 - Clear skies and useful landmarks (+1D to next Sailor or Cartographer test).

2 - Good fishing spot! (+1D to Hunter, Scavenger and Fisher tests).

3-4 - You find shelter in a peaceful cove (+1D to recover from exhausted).

5-6 - Gentle rain refills the water barrels. Drink up, me hearties, drink up!

Lucky Break At Sea

1-2 -Find an oyster bed (counts as one portion of forage for all characters).

3-4 - Clear skies and good tailwind (+2D to next Sailor or Scout test).

5 - Ship ahoy! A ship flying friendly colors comes into view.

6- Dolphins frolic in the waves (automatically recover from angry and afraid).


D&D 5th edition

Had a chance to peruse the Player's Handbook and make a character for an upcoming game. Gotta hand it to Mearls and Co., the book is sharp. Lots of good decisions—namely eliminating a lot of the bookkeeping and math. It still looks like D&D but streamlined. Making a character (half-orc monk) was a snap and most of the decisions are related to the character's background, which is a huge shift to more avatar/moral-based decisions at the start of the game.

So let me tell you about my character...

Coming soon: The Outcasts

After the success of my Wanderers supplement for Torchbearer I wanted to take a stab at some new character stocks. I knew I wanted to include a classic from BW (the rat-like roden) as well as AD&D-esque gnomes (because who doesn't love a gnome? Don't answer that!). So what...small folks? Burrowers? What's the angle going to be?

When I put it to a vote on Twitter, the minotaur and the roden were both strong contenders. I figured, why would roden and gnomes and minotaurs be adventurers? What makes them unique? Then it hit me: if the first group of character classes were Wanderers, then these should be Outcasts.

So hopefully in a month or two I'll have six new character classes done and ready for download:

  • Dark Elf Sorcerer
  • Gnome Illusionist
  • Half-orc Pirate
  • Minotaur Pit-fighter
  • Roden Guide
  • Sea Elf Mariner

Roden illustration by Jordan Worley