Coming soon: The Outcasts

After the success of my Wanderers supplement for Torchbearer I wanted to take a stab at some new character stocks. I knew I wanted to include a classic from BW (the rat-like roden) as well as AD&D-esque gnomes (because who doesn't love a gnome? Don't answer that!). So what...small folks? Burrowers? What's the angle going to be?

When I put it to a vote on Twitter, the minotaur and the roden were both strong contenders. I figured, why would roden and gnomes and minotaurs be adventurers? What makes them unique? Then it hit me: if the first group of character classes were Wanderers, then these should be Outcasts.

So hopefully in a month or two I'll have six new character classes done and ready for download:

  • Dark Elf Sorcerer
  • Gnome Illusionist
  • Half-orc Pirate
  • Minotaur Pit-fighter
  • Roden Guide
  • Sea Elf Mariner

Roden illustration by Jordan Worley