Torchbearer Halloween: Dhampir Vampire Hunter

Dhampir Vampire Hunter

The unholy unions between a male vampire and a female human, dhampirs dedicate their half-lives to destroying the undead.

Raw abilities: Health 4, Will 4
Skills: Fighter 3, Hunter 3, Scout 3, Scholar 2, Theologian 2
Special skill (choose one at 3): Criminal, Haggler, Pathfinder, Survivalist
Trait: Stillborn—You are the stillborn progeny of a vampire that dominated or seduced your human mother. You carry his foul blood in your veins and inherited his eternal thirst for blood. But rather than give in to the hunger, you fight it just as you fight his undead kind. Your curse is also your blessing, for you possess the preternatural strength and power of the Damned.
Starting weapon: Crossbow and one additional one-handed weapon
Starting armor: Leather

Dhampir Nature (Dominating, seducing, feeding) is determined by answering these questions:

Do you feed exclusively on animals or on evil-doers or will anyone sate your thirst for blood?

  • If you consider all living creatures as potential prey, increase Nature by one.
  • If your personal code forbids you from feeding on the common man, gain the Righteous trait.

Do you travel only after sunset or do you brave the burning rays of the day star?

  • If you shun the light and embrace the darkness, increase Nature by 1.
  • If you suffer the pain of daylight as a form of penance, take the Stoic trait.

Do you care deeply for humanity or do you view them with mocking derision?

  • If you see them as the short-lived but amusing animals they are, increase Nature by one.
  • If your love for humans is an attempt to atone for your sins, gain the Compassionate trait.

Dhampirs that reach Nature 7 lose touch with their humanity and become full-blood vampires.

Level benefits

Level 1

Vampire Hunter: You may use any weapon, including shields. You may wear armor and helmets. You have two vampiric weaknesses, though neither is as severe as a full-blooded vampire’s. First, the light of day burns your skin and eyes—it’s a factor when operating in full daylight. Second, you may not recover from hungry and thirsty using rations or water; you must drink fresh blood from humans or beasts. Feeding inflicts the exhausted condition upon your victim. Feeding on an exhausted person makes them sick. Blood in a container spoils as food does upon returning to town. Feeding on another dhampir, vampire or unsafe source of blood will make you sick.

Level 2

Predatory: Your teeth and nails are supernaturally long and sharp. You may use them in fight conflicts to attack and feint at +1s. The usual unarmed penalty of -1D still applies.

Ravenous: When you feel the hunger, you fear nothing. You may not be made afraid while hungry and thirsty. Do not mark a lesser condition.

Level 3

Stubborn: As the warrior benefit of the same level.              

Vow to the Lords of Hunger: As the paladin benefit of the same level.

Level 4

Friend to Darkness: Your senses become especially acute during the night. In dim light, ignore the normal penalty and gain +1D to scout and hunter tests.

Daywalker: Your steadfastness and resilience enables you to operate in full daylight at no penalty.

Level 5

Slayer: The vampire hunter gains +1D Attack, +1s against zombies, vampires and other corporeal undead that affected by piercing attacks.

Feast of Blood: When you recover from the hungry and thirsty condition by drinking fresh blood (not drunk from a container) and have no other conditions, gain the Fresh condition.