Torchbearer Halloween: The Witch

Human Witch

Often wise, sometimes wicked, the witch is a hedge magician who resides far from the civilized world. When all seems lost, you may seek her out...if you dare.

Raw abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; Health may not be higher than Will.

Skills: Alchemist 4, Healer 3, Survivalist 2, Cook 2, Peasant 2
Trait: Moonchild—You were born under strange circumstances, when the moon shone blood red or turned black as pitch. Beasts howled, streams ran backwards and wine turned to vinegar. Your very essence hums with eldritch power and you are viewed with a mixture of both awe and suspicion by everyone around you.
Weapons: Dagger.
Armor: None.

Level benefits

Level 1

Witch: You wear no armor and may only wield a dagger as a weapon. You gain the ability to brew magical potions and herbal poultices in camp and in town. You also have a mundane animal companion. You share an empathic bond with this creature and although you cannot speak to it without magical assistance, you instinctively know its whereabouts and well-being at all times. Likewise, it will sense your presence and instinctively know your desires, allowing you to give it simple commands.

Rather than spells or prayers, you have recipes. Recipes are used to instill alchemical potions with spells and prayers. These potions are one-use items, functionally equivalent to scrolls. Recipes take time to prepare and “cast,” unlike spells but using a potion doesn’t normally require a test. Witches collect their recipes in recipe books (or cookbooks) and these books are required to craft potions. The exception: a witch may memorize one recipe at each level. Potion creation is done using the normal alchemist rules. Use the cook skill to "cast" a spell into a potion, use the healer skill to "cast" a prayer into a potion.

At each level, you may add two more recipes to your book. At level 2+, you may choose to memorize one recipe you have written in your book.

1st circle recipes

Arcane Semblance: Potion of Polymorph
Daemonic Stupefaction: Potion of Confusion
Destiny of Heroes: Potion of Might
Lightness of Being: Potion of Levitation
Supernal Vision: Potion of Wizard's Sight
Thread of Friendship: Love Potion
Wisdom of the Sages: Potion of Athena
Wizard’s Aegis: Waters of Styx

Balm of the Lords of Serenity: Calmative Elixir
Benediction of the Lords of Creation: Restorative Elixir
Benison of the Lords of Valor: Elixir of Tyche
Breath of the Burning Lord: Elixir of Warmth
Execration: Cursed Elixir
Grace of the Lords of Plenty: Elixir of Sustenance
Malison of the Lords of Terror: Elixir of Phobos
Sanctuary of the Lords of Shields: Elixir of Protection

2nd circle recipes

Devilish Laughter: Potion of Mania
Eye of Omens: Potion of Seeing
Greybeard’s Bane: Waters of Lethe
Lord of Dreams: Potion of Morpheus
Phantasmal Vision: Potion of Illusions
Veil of the Chameleon: Potion of Invisibility
Water Lung: Tears of the Mermaid

Chains of Fate: Elixir of Ice
Cloak of the Lord of Forges: Phoenix’s Breath
Divination: Elixir of the Prophetess
Favor of the Lords of Valor: Elixir of Nike
Invocation of the Saint of Sailors: Elixir of Amphitrite
Tongue of the Lord of Beasts: Dragon’s Blood