PAX Unplugged

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PAX UNPLUGGED 2018: I’m signing books at Burning Wheel (booth #2232 in the Exhibitor’s Hall). I’m also running Pumpkin Town and Jungle Adventure the Saturday night, December 1st, so drop in and say hello! No need to sign up, just head to RPG HQ at any time during the game session and join the fun!

Pumpkin Town

It’s Halloween, the only time that human children can visit the weird world of Pumpkin Town. Can you make it back home with a bag full of goodies?

Jungle Adventure

After surviving a crash landing in the jungle, a daring archaeologist sets out to retrieve a legendary treasure.


GenCon 2018: The Best Four Hours in Gaming!

I'm hosting two of my Parsely games at GenCon on Saturday from 3-5pm. SAVE the date, then RUN on down to the Union Station Grand Hall SE for a LOAD of fun.

Parsely games are inspired by the text-adventures of the 1980s—but no computer is required! We'll play Spooky Manor and explore a gothic mansion full of scary secrets. Then, we'll travel back in time to 1987 to take down a sinister crime boss in Dangertown Beatdown

I'll also be signing books at Burning Wheel (#2150) before the event and running the merch table for the D20 Burlesque Nerdlesque Extravaganza 2018!  Note: I will not be performing. Sorry.

- Jared

The job was simple: deliver a package to the reclusive resident of a mysterious mansion. But all is not as it seems....


Dangertown Beatdown

It’s 1987. Detectives Jack Slade and Jetta Chang must take down a crime boss and restore law and order.


Parsely Coming Soon!

Parsely Hardcover and PDF: August 2018

Relive the glory days of floppy disks, dot-matrix printers and 128K RAM with this collection of party games inspired by the text-adventures of the 1980s. 

As the parser, you’ll take on the role of a computer game with a limited vocabulary. One by one, the players will give you commands like GO NORTH, LIGHT LAMP or GET SWORD, which you’ll follow to the best of your ability. There’s no limit to the number of people that can play and no limit to the fun you’ll have. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to unplug from your computer and plug into Parsely!

Written and designed by Jared A. Sorensen

Foreword by Peter Adkison

Featuring art from: Jordan Worley, Rebekie Bennington, Manning L. Krull, Alice K. Hansmann, Ariel ZB, Lukas Wong-Achorn, Todd James, “Calamity” Jon Morris, Keith Senkowski, Alexey Andreyev, Sam Araya



Lots o' Loot


"We loot the bodies!"

...but what do they find? Lots o' Loot is a compendium of 170 magical weapons, clothing, gear, plants, critters and curses to drive your players insane with delight...or just insane.

48 pages PDF—only $5

By Jared A. Sorensen and John Wick

The Long Con

After a historically long absence from game conventions, I'll be attending GenCon 50 in Indianapolis as a special panelist with Mssrs. Tweet, Wallis, Edwards and Crane. Can't wait!

There's also a fair-to-good chance I'll be at Big Bad Con this October in the Bay Area. I'm a stretch goal! Check out their Kickstarter campaign for details.

More news on the horizon...!

Updates for 2017

Memento Mori Theatricks turns 20 years old this year!* I've been hard at work on an exciting new project. Details to come in the next few months, so stay tuned! Let's just say it's been a long time coming and I have some incredible people involved. Cross your fingers!

Also, be sure to check out the soon-to-be-ending Kickstarter for Middarmark by Thor Olavsrud and BWHQ. I helped out a bit in the development, so go me! It's a super-cool setting book for the Torchbearer RPG. And if you're in the mood for some sci-fi goodness, ask your local planetarium/science center to host SPACE STATION: THE FULLDOME EXPERIENCE!

*I forget the exact date. It originally started in 1996 as a LARP group but that ended when I left Maine to go to San Francisco. I started working on my own game design ideas shortly after arriving in SF, hence the January celebration. According to the Internet Wayback Machine, went online in December, 1998.