Specialists / The Antiquarian

Prerequisites: Scholar 4 required. You must have at least six points divided between any of these skills: Armorer, Artificer, Carpenter, Cartographer, Lore Master, Stonemason, Theologian or Weaver. You must possess a wise related to appraisal, cultural lore or craftwork.

Level 1

Collector: You’re well-acquainted with dust and clutter. Take one advance in both Haggler and Scavenger.

Level 2

Shrewd: See the level 2 Dwarf Adventurer benefit.

Level 3

Merchant: When using the Haggler skill in town, add +1 to the Haggling Events table.

Level 4

Guilder: See the level 4 Gnome Illusionist benefit in WOE.

Level 5

Lucky Charm: Designate an item of clothing or jewelry (a ring, pendant, cloak, etc.) as lucky. While wearing this item, you may make one free test each camp phase to recover from the afraid condition. If you should ever lose this item, become afraid.

Level 6

Symbologist: See the level 6 Thief benefit.

Level 7

Appraiser: Take +1 to Loot table 1 or 2 when looting an area or creature.

Level 8

Dilettante: See the level 8 Thief benefit.

Level 9

Heroic Ability: You’re an expert on the craftwork of a specific culture (humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, etc.) or a specific type of antique (ruins, scrolls, tapestries, jewelry, weapons, religious artifacts, etc.). Tests to appraise, research or craft these items succeed on a roll of 3-6.

Level 10

Garbage Into Gold: Whenever you roll on a loot sub-table, you may add or subtract 2.